South Auckland Junior & Youth Futsal League

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South Auckland Futsal League

Papakura City FC is excited to have plans to start a Junior and Youth Futsal league in South Auckland at Bruce Pullman Arena in Term 1 2024 on Wednesday nights. 

The first league will consist of a mixed-age group with the expectancy to grow.

Age groups U11/U12/U13 

Time 5:30, 6:00pm, 6:30pm

2 games per night

Cost $300 ($215 Team Entry fee + $75 Referee fee)


Bruce Pulman Arena

Dates (6 weeks)

Wednesday - 31 January

Wednesday - 7 February

Wednesday - 14 February

Wednesday - 21 February

Wednesday - 28 February

Wednesday - 6 March

What to expect 

Games will be run in 30-minute blocks, there is no time to overrun your block.

The game will consist of two 14-minute halves with a quick turnaround in the middle. 

Each team will have one game night

We recommend a max of 8 players

It should be expected all players, play a rough amount of game time

Teams may agree to appoint a referee if both teams agree. 

Sports leagues would not be possible without the great help we receive from our referees, so it is important that we show them respect. Referee calls will always be the final say during playtime. If you are unsure about a rule, please wait until after the game to discuss it with the referee (If they are willing) or the coordinator of the competition. 

How to register

Please email Josh at

Basic Rules of Futsal

Simplified futsal rules can be found here