Date Posted
22nd Jan 2022

Update from the PCFC board

To all our Members from the PCFC Board,

We hope you've all had a good start to the New Year.

The Board has been busy and I thought it would be great to reflect the massive amount of achievements so far.

The Club has successfully secured the services of highly regarded Ben Hill, Ex Oceania football, to aid in our Director of football position. Ben then quickly secured the services of Alessandro Fantoni, one of the most decorated women's coaches Auckland has seen. We are extremely lucky to have such highly qualified people who have in part recognised the differences we have made in our community and decided to make Papakura City their home. 

We have some boring stuff .... our Constitution is now in John Burton's (PCFC Honorary Solicitor ) hands for preparation to draft. This new document will see much wider representation across the club membership base and see new policies around fees come into effect.

Back to the fun stuff; Matt Bouma is working extremely hard as the Mens Prems fight for promotion. The play off game against Ngāruawāhia takes place in March, dates will be posted and plenty of advertising will go out so everyone can come along and support them at their home game or even travel for the away leg. What a great way to kick off the season for all members. 

Senior Muster dates will be announced in the coming weeks , so stay tuned.

Adrian Kinsler, our facilities manager is currently working with 5 major groups around the Women's world cup training venue, we have made the final 11 on the short list in efforts to host an international team during there warm up, we sit in anticipation, excited to see just what improvements to the club may come into effect as the country prepares for one of the largest women's events in the world.

We will see 100 Balls donated to our local schools in February and collaboration with Volleyball has already seen more use of Mclennan Park, please feel free to attend this event as we try to offer more value to our members.

Thanks to Cheryl Derrick for the wonderful online vertual prizegiving ceremony. I am extremely proud of all our Junior and Youth players, walking the grounds on a Tuesday and Thursday is something very special. There was a lot of cohesion and resource sharing in 2021, something I know for a fact other clubs envy. Everyone of you is incredibly valued; congratulations to the individuals who received awards. 

Our Junior  and Youth live muster dates will be released in the coming weeks, this is where we need all our existing members to grab their friends and family, this is a great time to try the sport for the first time, last years response was huge, so let's go one bigger as Papakura City Football Club, Your Club , continues to lead the way in all things Football and Community.

We all look forward to seeing you again soon