Date Posted
28th Apr 2021

Team Spotlight - Bula

Loyalty should, like all the positive stories in football, be shared.

Most of us have been in that situation when for one reason or another, players take up what they think is a better offer. But for coach Vik, who has been at Papakura City FC for a number of years and seen more than most, knows it is frustrating to have teams torn.

However this spotlight section is not about that, it's about tapping into what Vik has created. Applauding the core group that resisted any temptations and stuck it out. So when the opportunity arose to join these genuinely humble, extremely happy blokes for a bit of weekend football, I took it and grabbed a handful of also loyal "club first blokes" to keep Vik and these boys in their traditional space among the upper half of the Men's NRF divisions. Along with continuing to add the value and culture that only these boys can to the club.

I must say coming to grips with a splash of Fiji Gold post-match, after our unsung hero Brett Caddy, Groundsman extraordinaire, kindly placed us on McLennan Park Stadium for a Saturday afternoon fixture. Fair to say, the nation's amber nectar, responsibly went down quite well.

"For Bula, this year, win or lose, there will be plenty of laughter, fun and enjoyment! But it's safe to say, this team is in a good space. We wish Vik and the boys well this year."- Dave

Thank you to Vik and the team for what you add to Papakura City Football Club!