Date Posted
6th Dec 2021

Are you our next grounds hero?

We are *still* on the hunt to fill the big boots of our current groundsman....detail of duties below.

Please email Dave on with any questions about the role.

Papakura City Football Club (PCFC) Groundsman Duties

Liaise with 

  • PCFC Executive Committee (Exec) or Director of Football (DoF) re condition of PCFC assets.
  • Northern Region Football (NRF) Competitions Manager re field allocations.
  • Auckland City Council (ACC) parks representative re maintenance and repairs of grounds, lights, carparks and all buildings except clubrooms.


  • field condition weekly, update either DoF or Exec monthly, or as condition changes, whichever is more frequent. 
  • all buildings interiors and exteriors for damage and graffiti on a weekly basis. Report ACC building issues to ACC and Club building issues to the Exec.
  • nets when possible, easiest when they’re up on goals during games, and replace broken straps/clips as required.
  • And repair damage to any goals, if possible, or arrange repairs with Exec or DoF.
  • Monitor gas levels for the ACC changerooms, re-order gas on Rockgas app as required.

Measure and Mark out

  • Stadium field, all Small Whites and Kura Kicks grids, junior & youth fields and re-mark as required throughout season.
  • 5 a-side fields as required for club or other parties.

Game Day and General Duties

  • set up all required items (corner posts, nets etc) for stadium field appropriate for 1st team men’s games and women’s games for home games.
  • Ensure net bins for required fields are out on a Saturday morning before 8am and are secured in container by 5pm approx.
  • Open public toilets and all ACC change rooms on a Saturday morning 30 minutes prior to first game starting and either secure or arrange them to be locked up after last teams have left.
  • Be available to assist coaches and/or parents when on site. 
  • Assist with tournament set ups or get out required gear for use.
  • Set up/assist with New Zealand Secondary Schools (NZSS) tournament, this usually takes place in early September.
  • Any other related jobs that the Exec or DoF may require you to assist with….