Summer 5 Aside 2021

** With the new Delta level changes and restrictions we are still awaiting guidance on when / whether we can run our spring / summer programmes**

PCFC will be running 5 aside again once we are back in level 2.

Assuming we are in level 2 mid next week and restrictions allow, we will be starting on October 14th. If Level 3 is extended we will aim to start 2 Thursdays after a level change to Level 2.

Details to note- We will be using junior goals this year with Goalkeepers allowed

- Teams will play with 4 on the field and 1 goalkeeper

- Thursdays first game KO @6:30pm

- October 14th - December 16th

- $200 entry fee (this may be altered if there is a later date start), includes a ball and prizes for comp winners, runner ups, highest scoring team and more.

- Payment is not required until we can guarantee the start of the competition.


See registration & regulations attached. Fill out and return form to Liam